The Firm


GNC – Lawyers and Barristers is a law firm based on a deeply-rooted collaboration project that had for a long time brought together the lawyers making up the firm.
The creation of GNC – Lawyers and Barristers was intended to be the starting point of an activity that follows the highest national and international standards, steadily building a solid reputation in the domestic and foreign legal markets, where it is reaching a prominent position. This has been possible due not only to the specialization of the staff and to the firm’s sustained growth, but also to a self-demanding policy combining knowledge, skill, poise and self-confidence with quality, independence, discipline, experience and the solid continuous academic and professional training of the staff on diverse fields of Law.

GNC – Lawyers and Barristers has built a reputation as a firm with the highest standard of excellence, characterized by independence and innovation based on experience, unity and team spirit.

We have gradually earned the confidence of more and more clients, due to a relationship of transparency and closeness, to the efficacy with which we meet their needs and specific demands, as well as to the respect for our co-workers and competitors and to a growing national and international prestige.
We have also established solid and close professional bonds with several other firms, some of which are leaders in several countries, through protocols and alliances, as well as with renowned international law firms by working in partnership on several projects dealing with forensic and juridical matters, which has allowed us to permanently follow up the development of our clients’ activities in those countries where they do business.

Together with the development of our clients’ internationalization process in the different markets of the global economy, in particular Portuguese-speaking African countries (especially Angola, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe and Guinea-Bissau), the Euro-region Galicia-northern Portugal , Brazil, United States, EU member-states and Eastern European countries, the firm has increased its client portfolio and shown the quality of the services provided both to Portuguese and foreign clients who seek our professional expertise to obtain legal counselling according to the highest ethical standards. Our clients are aware that we are not just their lawyers – we are a part of their team, to uphold their interests and offer solutions to the problems and challenges before them.

Our Team

Being a part of GNC – Lawyers and Barristers means to belong to a great, innovative team where all professionals work dynamically together to attain the same goal: to uphold the client’s interests in a permanent search for excellence, keeping the high standards of quality and technical rigor that guide our behaviour and practice.

We assert our independence and professionalism in the services provided in the diverse fields of the Law, with the utmost respect for ethical and moral standards.

We are certain to be a value-added factor for our clients, as a result of our specialization and internationalization policies, which make up the foundation of our structure and professional conduct.

The GNC team is a group of professionals having specific competences and skills characterized by an attitude that is casual as well as rigorous, and serious as well as informal. Its efficacy and quality has been recognized in the domestic and international legal markets due to the successes it has obtained.

It is possible to attain, maintain and even steadily improve our performance. In order to understand, meet and anticipate our clients’ needs, GNC – Lawyers and Barristers believes in the continuous academic and professional training of its staff and lawyers, involving the exchange of experience and knowledge that allows us to achieve and therefore give value to the successes obtained.

This performance is also made possible by the permanent update of sophisticated computer and communication tools, provided to our lawyers and staff.

Principles / Values


Our goal is to effectively and dynamically meet our clients‘ needs and solve the problems that they may have, in compliance with the profession‘s moral and ethical standards.

Team Work

The combination of the individual characteristics of each member of the GNC team results in a united, hardworking group pulling together to meet the challenges lying ahead. We are aware that the clients‘ trust in our team is essential for a positive relationship that results in the best possible solutions for them. Unity is strength, so our firm and our clients make up a successful team.


The loyalty and commitment of the professionals at GNC – Lawyers and Barristers, despite the firm´s close ties with several organizations and leading firms, guarantee the quality and the firm determination of the positions we defend, regardless of any interest or compromise.

Sustainable Growth

As our clients are our most valuable asset, we are committed to sustainable organic growth that has led to new challenges of international expansion, through the development of strong ties and fruitful partnerships and alliances. This stand has allowed for the continuous follow-up of our global society, providing clients with the chance to embrace new and original opportunities.

Certain that the practice of law is one of the noblest activities, GNC – Lawyers and Barristers guides and develops its work through the practical application of this set of values, which is daily reflected in all those who come in contact with us.


Pro Bono

The practice of this noble profession always entails a relevant share of social responsibility. Therefore, GNC – Lawyers and Barristers has a strong tradition of solidarity and is aware of its active role in providing legal and juridical counselling in order to uphold the rights and interests of those less privileged.
Serving justice in this way is of fundamental importance for all working in the firm in order to honour the values to which we have proudly adhered and to improve our personal and professional development.